10- Maintenance for your zinc tops? The commitment after the sale.

The industry faces a significant challenge in demonstrating to customers that they can handle product maintenance on their own. Additionally, it is crucial to show customers that manufacturers provide support even after the purchase.

On one hand, the perception of this product as a surface at the higher end of the cost spectrum is alluring to some who see the inherent work that goes into creating these stunning products and the resulting value created for the customer. 

On the other hand, this cost can cause some to pause when looking for ways to address surface concerns. They are too scared to take advantage of a major advantage this product has over stainless- it’s ability to be easily touched up on site.

Zinc’s Hidden Secret- Adaptability

One of the values you’re purchasing with a zinc top is its potential to adapt its look on-site. You can change the patina’s color over time and fix any problem spots that appear as the patina forms.

The final lighting package, time of year, and color from surrounding finishes can affect how your top will look in your space. Metal tops are reflective surfaces, and I always stress that they will change looks with different conditions.

Please note that you, your staff, or a contractor can tweak these items without requiring the manufacturer to be on site.

With this said, manufacturers should be using technology in the post-Covid world to help you address issues in real time. If you’re worried about your top, manufacturers should provide assistance as you start using a maintenance program. What works for one space may not suit your particular setup.

Knowing that manufacturers will be around to demonstrate proper care for your top and to help answer questions about patina and maintenance is a large problem facing the industry.

3 Spark’s Solution

At 3 Spark, we’re here to support you as you figure out the best method to care for your bar top. Do you have an inquiry concerning a new finish? Give us a call! We’re here to help you as you navigate owning our product over its lifetime.

Call us tomorrow or phone us again after a 3 year hiatus. Either way, 3 Spark will be here to help you with your needs for countertop care.

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