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Living Metal Furniture

What’s my investment?

3 Questions

  • How much are limited material selections affecting your project?
  • How many clients miss your exceptional design, leading to lost business to competitors?
  • How many more times will you select a material you don’t love?

Limited access to premium surfaces may be costing you significantly

Save time and benefit from living metal surfaces

Gain access to exclusive materials delivered quickly and easily.

Avoid technical and aesthetic design issues that plague other products.

Enjoy easy installation, use, and maintenance for years to come.

Who do we work with?


Executive Chefs








Interior Designers






Project Managers






How may we help you?

• Eco-friendly, recyclable, and durable components from verified, tested sources
• Smart samples with simple, gorgeous finish selections
• One-part cores with no internal seams throughout project
• Product up to 40% lighter than other materials
• No internal fasteners make minor site modification simple
• Consistent metal thickness

• Accelerated and accommodating design process with 24-7 with scheduled video conferencing
• Limited, refined selection of custom-designed trims
• Product is completely customizable
• Base product is 1.25” to better match industry standards
• Unique details that can be executed with advanced technology
• Designed and made in the USA


• Ten-foot maximum lengths and tightest seams in the industry
• Easy installation with 1-2 installers.
• Standard crate sizes minimize shipping and installation costs.

• Core does not rot or wick water under metal jacket
• No promotion of bacteria or mold propagation as with wooden cores
• Real metal is durable and finishes are easy to maintain or adjust.
Elevate Your Vision with
3 Spark Design – Your Trusted Guide

As designers and fabricators, we struggled for years with options available for complex metal objects. As we worked with customers, we were constantly having to modify their incredible vision to suit what was physically possible.

Once we started evaluating products that failed in the field, we realized how we could develop a new product to help more people with the same problem sets. We want to help you bring your vision to life- we want you to find your Spark!



Years of Experience

How It Works


Tell us about your project

It all begins with an idea. Share your vision with us and let us really understand your project. Let’s get on the same page with terminology, education, and answers to your questions to save you time.


We’ll create a custom design

Start with our stock options. You choose the features, and together we shape your product to fit your concept. Don’t worry, we’ll help answer questions and guide you toward the perfect project.


Show off your new bling!

Relax as we work our metal magic! We’ll update you throughout production and ship the product with liftgate service to your site. After an easy installation, you’ll bask in the splendor of your gorgeous product and your fully realized vision.

From the Founder

“At 3 Spark we know you’re the kind of people who want your design vision to be thoughtful, ahead of the curve, and genuine, but in order to be that way, you need tools, knowledge, and access to the finest materials. The problem is your concepts are suffering from this access, which makes you feel inferior to your colleagues.

We believe you should have access to the best materials and technology to make your vision a reality (and stand out).We understand what it’s like to search for these materials in vain, only to have your best selections end up on the cutting room floor because of value engineering or timeline. You won’t tolerate another blah project.

That’s why we will help you understand our simple options in zinc, brass, and copper, and how our products will help your project quickly sparkle.

Here’s how it works. Reach out to us for a quick meeting, and we’ll discuss your project details. Next, you select and modify our basic options to suit your vision. And finally, we ship your project in as few as two weeks so that you look like the design hero you are.

Call us today so you can stop feeling guilty about subpar material options and start slaying your design vision.”

What’s our Deal?

The Power of Three Guarantee 

Delivery Promise

“3 Spark guarantees the fastest design, production, and delivery timeline of any living metal surface manufacturer on the planet. No one completes product and gets it in your hands as quickly as we do. If a competitor can deliver the same product faster, simply show us a copy of the contract and proof of delivery and we’ll refund the shipping cost for your 3 Spark item.

Quality Promise

“We are so confident in our products, that we offer a a no-questions-asked, 30-day money back guarantee on all tables and outdoor seating, and a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects on ALL our products. We stand behind our products used in indoor and outdoor environments, and we pledge them to be free of defect from delamination or metal thinness issues under normal use and conditions or we will replace it or repair it in the field for no cost.”

Finish Promise

“We have three options for the perfect maintenance schedule for your project, and we guarantee that you’ll be happy with the finish schedule you choose. If you subscribe to any of our finish packages, complete the requirements, and remain dissatisfied after the first 6 months, we will cover the cost for you to move up to the next level of service for 24 months. You will be happy knowing your living metal finish can be maintained just the way you choose.”

Educational Series

3- Are zinc bar tops really antimicrobial?

3- Are zinc bar tops really antimicrobial?

Another challenge facing the zinc countertop industry revolves around the claim that zinc and copper are antimicrobial.  So, are most zinc bar tops really antimicrobial?  To investigate this claim, we have to look at the whole countertop system, and not simply the choice of metal.

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