7- Are we there yet? Long processes and what to realistically expect.

How long does countertop fabrication take?

Ask anyone in the industry “how long does it take to receive my tops?”, and you’ll get the classic “It depends” response. Let’s look at the process and see what factors affect delivery of your project.

Custom metal deposition or cast tops take longer than laminate or stone tops because of differences in manufacturing. Sheet tops tend to have shorter timelines, but not by much.

From the moment you place an inquiry to the time you contract averages almost 40 days or 5.5 weeks. Let me demonstrate this by placing a hypothetical inquiry June 1.

It may take a few days to start this process after you reach out. The design process hasn’t started yet, but you might have one or two quote revisions based on the information you supply.

Once you decide to contract, you will go through design, and this process averages 46 days or 6.5 weeks. During this portion, you will work out the small details of the project that ensure you’re receiving exactly what you desire.

If there are no CAD files, the client may send physical templates to the manufacturer. Sometimes, the manufacturer may send hard templates back to the client if the CAD files are complex. There will also be a lot of communication between staff members. It can be quite tedious.

Once your project is in production, you will likely have a 6-8 or 7-9 week time quoted for manufacture. This portion realistically averages 64 days or just over 9 weeks.

Once your project ships, you can expect to receive it on site within a week, at which point it can be installed. So total, you’re looking at an average of 21-22 weeks to receive your project.

These are average times based on real industry information. If you want to have a soft opening before Thanksgiving, you should make an inquiry by June 1st. This will give you enough time to complete everything by November 11th, two weeks before Thanksgiving. Sometimes, your timeline allows for a 5 to 6 month lead time, but you might prefer a faster turnaround.

In an industry that is competing with wood, stone, laminate, and other engineered surface products that are readily available in local markets, an average 5 to 6 month project turnaround can seem unreasonable.

Currently, there is limited manufacturing of these products in the country. They are handmade by a skilled team, but making quick changes or increasing production is challenging for many manufacturers. This same issue also affects French makers who struggle to meet the demand.

These projects take a long time. Reducing production times and speeding up quoting, design, and fabrication is a big challenge for the deposition bar top industry.

3 Spark’s Commitment

At 3 Spark Design, we have addressed this challenge head on, beginning with a better product.

Because you can make small modifications on site, we greatly reduce the back and forth common in the templating process. Less stress for you means a quicker turnaround and added savings in time and capital.

Our lightening-fast precision manufacturing process means that our team of artisans get to finishing your pieces more quickly. They can work on the front of your order while also placing the final pieces in production.

Sometimes shipping can be an issue for large projects. Because we have standard lengths, we have standardized our crate production as well. This means that we can offer liftgate service with any of our products. The crate can get closer to your job with fewer people needed for handling.

Most of our products require only 2 people for installation. Our lightweight products are perfect for team lifting. This reduces the personnel expense on your end and saves time too!

By thinking about every step of the project, we have significantly reduced the timeline to as few as two weeks for some projects. Call us today to begin your custom design!

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