Large Edges

While designing your custom metal countertop project with 3 Spark, many details will affect the outcome. Choosing an edge is the first and most important step, followed by metal selection and finish.

People refer to edges as profiles, trims, or mouldings, and we have curated this exclusive group based on years of design acumen and feedback. We design all of our trims in house, and we offer large edges standard in 4″ thickness, with the ability to customize upon request.

We don’t maintain a catalog of hundreds of pre-purchased trims from secondary sources because our thoughtful curation is based on years of observation and experimentation. We have created trims based on both historic detailing and contemporary study. We will always update our selections based on project requests and our read of the market, as our commitment to offering only the best product to our partners.

Customize Large Edges

You can adjust the overall scale down to 2″ or as large as 6″, and you can alter components within our designs to create something unique. With the help of our team, this gives you ultimate control over the final styling of your project.

Our large edge profiles demonstrate our commitment to authentic design and our promise to create something for you truly unlike anything else on the market. If we design a custom trim for you, know that it is unique and will be used exclusively for your project. This is our commitment to you as designers who rely on the success of your projects for continued support.

The large edges shown below make great options for stylish bar tops and tables in larger spaces. For more intimate venues that require a smaller scale, consider our standard small edges. The right counter, table, or bar top edge elevates your design and reinforces the style and atmosphere you want for the room. No matter your preference, 3 Spark can provide the right products from lux bistros to streamlined industrial spaces.

Large Edge Categories

The large edges below fall into three categories: Extruded, geometric, and moulded or carved edge profiles. Each has been developed with an intent and a use in mind, but can easily be modified.

Select the “See More” buttons below to read more about each trim and explore all the options for each large edge profile in zinc, brass, and copper. Use your mouse to rotate the model and observe what a square corner, inverse corner, small radius, and large radius look like with each metal option.

Download Cut Sheet