Learn more about Zinc, Brass and Copper for Countertops, Tables, and Bar Tops

Do you need more information when selecting zinc countertops or brass tables for your commercial project? The available information on the web can be scarce, misinformed, and complex all at the same time!

I’ve worked in this field for over 20 years, and I have helped hundreds of people understand the basics of soft metal furnishings. I have experience in various aspects like quoting, sales, logistics, fabrication, templating, and installation. I’ve devised and developed more solutions than anyone else in this area, and I’m happy to share my knowledge with you.

This industry is in a tough spot for many reasons. To know what you can do with your project, you need to understand the basics of this specialized countertop industry. I have answered questions for a long time, so I want to share my knowledge about this specific market. I can assist people who are having trouble finding reliable information on this subject.

I made two series on zinc, brass, and copper bar tops that include history and current uses. They discuss the use of soft decorative metals for surfaces. Check them out on our Youtube page:

“The Basics of Metal Bar Tops: 7 Things you need to know”

“The 10 biggest challenges facing the market today”

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