4- I’m dying inside! Industry-standard construction fails from within.

Another challenge facing the zinc bar top industry is that current construction assemblies are literally ripping some products apart.

I discussed in a previous post how substrates or cores for the slip cast/deposition technique are made of assemblies of plywood and hardwood.

Plywood Assemblies

Anywhere a seam is present in a zinc countertop, which happens between the two bonded sheets of plywood, the trim on the front, the backer, or the back of the drink rail, dissimilar expansion and contraction from natural grain patterns are creating the potential for micro-fissures in the finish to form.

The integrity of this assembly is particularly important for the deposition-applied projects, which rely on a mechanical bond. Often, this bond is most vulnerable on edges of plywood, because the denser end grain veneers have a poorer bond ability than the face veneer surface.

This happens along the entire back edge of commercial tops. It also happens in the corners of the drink rail where coating thickness and integrity are most needed and the hardest to achieve.

If you apply an additional veneer over this end grain, the seam will only move to the top and bottom of the project. There are always multiple vulnerabilities to assembly buildup construction.

Pre-made Trims

Outsourcing pre-made trims worsens this problem. These trims may only come in harder woods such as maple, oak, or beech. A simple image search for many manufacturers’ trims will reveal their origins as online suppliers or national retailers.

As an aside, would you pay $400 per square foot for a standard trim that a large national retailer offers?!

These trims are more likely to get damaged because they are denser, which makes it harder for metal to remain adhered. They also expand at different rates than Baltic birch veneer and poplar. Most importantly, because they are all oriented in different directions, they expand in dissimilar ways, which stresses the metal coating.

When the metal and wood separate, especially in thin or difficult areas, water becomes a problem. Unfortunately, this happens in the most inconvenient places. It doesn’t happen on the main surface, but rather on the drink rail. The issue is usually near the service and patron edges.

As discussed previously, water infiltration can lead the way for bacterial colonization and substrate breakdown. The core or substrate will literally begin to rot and host bacteria. Often, the damage is under the zinc, and no amount of cleaning by staff can stop the inevitable demise of the substrate.

3 Spark’s Substrate Solution

Our team at 3 Spark has made a new solution to fix water damage and material decay with composite construction. Introducing our core solution, a game-changing innovation that will put an end to the inevitable demise of the substrate with quality construction.

We solved the problem by making a special material that can’t be damaged by water. This advanced material acts as a protective barrier, preventing bacteria from growing on the surface below the metal.

Not only does our solution provide exceptional water resistance for bar top construction, but it also boasts incredible durability. Our solution is designed to withstand tough conditions as we know these assemblies are used heavily and experience wear. Our material is applicable to all tables, bar tops, and countertops in our catalog.

Our team has taken into consideration special items often overlooked in the design process. Water frequently seeps into inconvenient spots, like areas close to where people are served or the edges near customers. That’s why our substrate solution is designed to seamlessly integrate into these areas, providing a watertight finish.

At 3 Spark, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that not only solve problems but also exceed expectations. Our innovative core material shows our commitment to offering durable, top-notch products that last a long time. Trust 3 Spark to provide you with a durable product that will last a lifetime.

Don’t let water damage compromise the integrity of your next bar top project. Choose one of 3 Spark Design’s products and experience the difference it can make. Contact us today to learn more about how our revolutionary solution can benefit your business.

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